Samuel J. Yang

Samuel J. Yang joined Google Research in 2016. Prior to that, he completed a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at Stanford University, where his research in the labs of Karl Deisseroth and Gordon Wetzstein focused on computational imaging and display, the co-design and optimization of optics hardware and data processing alogrithms. He was supported by a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and a NDSEG Graduate Fellowship.



Before completing my Ph.D., I received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Caltech, studying engineering physics and optics in Changhuei Yang's lab, and a M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford, studying machine learning, image processing and computer vision.

In 2015, at Google Research, I applied deep learning methods to images as a Software Engineering Intern.

In 2014, at Google [x], I worked with optical physicists to design and implement imaging instrumentation hardware as an intern.

In 2013, at Pelican Imaging, I explored computational photography applications as a research intern.

Contact: samuely (at) alumni (dot) stanford (dot) edu


June 2023: Added Venugopalan et al. 2023.

September 2022: Added Yang et al. 2022 at Interspeech 2022.

March 2022: Added Schiff et al. 2022.

January 2022: Added Cooke et al. 2021.

September 2021: Added Yang et al. 2021 and associated press release.

July 2021: See blog post on applying speech enhancement for cochlear implants.

July 2021: Added Wright & Yang 2021.

2020: Added Schiff et al., 2020 and Tabak et al., 2020.

2019: Added Yang et al., 2019 and Andalman et al., 2019.

2018: In Silico Labeling is out in Cell. Updated with blog post and 4 recent publications.

2016: I presented this work at Focus on Microscopy 2016. Added two computer vision/machine learning projects, real-time tail/eye tracking for zebrafish virtual reality and depth-assisted portrait perspective correction. Our multifiber recording paper is out in Nature Methods, with software released on GitHub.

2015: Our light sheet microscopy paper is out at Cell. My paper is out at Optics express. I presented this poster at SFN 2015. I also contributed to work in this poster. Our adaptive spectral projector was presented at SIGGRAPH Asia 2015.


    I am also on Google Scholar, ResearchGate and GitHub.

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Ph.D. Thesis: Coded Computational Illumination and Detection for Three-dimensional Fluorescence Microscopy [ PDF | summary ]

Unpublished graduate work includes depth-assisted perspective correction for portrait photography, holographic illumination for all-optical neurophysiology, the application of light field microscopy to 3D calcium imaging, and a robust real time zebrafish high speed tail tracking approach (computer vision and machine learning in OpenCV/Matlab) for zebrafish virtual reality.